Treatment results

Ordoline has raised treatment with clear aligners to the next level successfully treating easy to even the most complex orthodontic cases. People of all ages with permanent teeth have undergone Ordoline treatment and now enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • Isabele

    "I can finally smile with confidence."

  • Marcus

    "I started having problems chewing the food. After the treatment, I don’t feel any discomfort anymore."

  • Gabriela

    "For a long time, I wasn’t happy with my smile but wasn’t ready for braces. Then I saw a friend removing aligners during lunch I got intrigued. Not long after, I started the treatment."

  • Chris

    "Some doctors said that only braces are suitable for my treatment. Fortunately, Ordoline aligners did the job as well."

  • Julia

    "I never expected to achieve such results. The wait was worth it."

  • Arthur

    "Like many others, I got used to my crooked teeth. Only when my doctor mentioned the problems I might have later on did I begin thinking about the treatment. Eventually, I went for aligners. Seeing the results, I only wish I had done it earlier."

  • Sofia

    Sofia had several issues that she and her Mom wanted correcting at the beginning of her treatment, including teeth crowding, teeth misalignment, and narrow arches. The estimated treatment will take 12 months and address all of these issues, giving Sofia a new smile. Currently, she's on the 10th month of her Ordoline journey.

  • Adam

    Before treatment, Adam had several small gaps in his teeth on both the upper and lower dental arches. In addition, several posterior teeth were misaligned. Using Ordoline aligners, the treatment process took eight months to achieve his desired results and smile.

  • Rita

    In some instances, to achieve desired results, an interdisciplinary treatment approach may be required, as was in Rita's. Her treatment incorporated several techniques, including dental veneers, gum plastic surgery, lip correction, with the Ordoline orthodontic aligner treatment as the foundation.


Bekijk het eind resultaat voordat de behandeling begint.

Met behulp van de Ordoline 3D behandelplantechnologie kunt u het volledige behandelproces en de uiteindelijke resultaten zien voordat de behandeling begint.

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